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Quilting Terms


Edge to Edge: This is a continuous line design that is quilted from one edge to the other covering the entire quilt including borders. This is a subtle and economical but effective means to quilt.

Echo Quilting:  When the fabric or appliqué piece has a distinct shape that you want to carry on to the quilting you can repeat the shape in the quilting.  For example, if  you have a tree in the block you could quilt the shape of the tree around it two or more times.

Appliqué:  A design made by cutting shapes of one or more fabrics and applied to the surface of another fabric.

Stippling: This is random overall pattern subject to the customer’s preference. Stippling can be used to enhance a certain area or cover the entire area.

Custom Quilting: This is set up to the customer’s specifications and may include all of the above techniques or custom design patterns. It requires turning the quilt on the machine and is individually priced. Wholecloth patterns are also available.

Whole Cloth:  Just like the name suggests, this is one piece of fabric for the quilt top and not a pieced top.  The quilting is the design and it can be an intricate work of art. 

Outline Quilting:  This follows the outline on either or both sides of a pieced or appliquéd quilt.  The stitches are very close so any "problems" with the piecing are very apparent.



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